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Introducing Performance Under Gear. A full line of high performance, base layer apparel designed to enhance the riding experience.

The Challenge

At Performance Under Gear we want you to ride safe and protect yourself from potential harm by wearing proper protective outerwear. Unfortunately straddling a heat producing engine on a summer's day while wearing protective outer wear, creates an extreme environment placing demands on your body. You heat up, your body reacts to the increase in temperature by sweating, your clothing binds and sticks to your gear. You arrive at your destination hot, sweat soaked, fatigued and less than fresh.

The Solution

At Performance Under Gear we believe that motorcyclists should not have to sacrifice comfort in order to protect themselves. We manufacture a line of high performance base layers that compliment your leather and textile riding gear. We make extensive use of Coolmax® Extreme freshFX, the original performance fabric, to bring cool comfort to your motorcycling. Extreme athletes know what to look for in a performance fabric and expect nothing but the best, which is why they value the physiological benefits of Coolmax® Extreme freshFX.

Become a Smart Consumer ...

At Performance Under Gear we believe that the more you know about technical fabrics, the more likely you are to be our customer. We invite you to visit our Fabric School to find out why our products are the coolest, driest, freshest and longest lasting  available on the market.

Reviews ...

Independent reviews of our products are available on the reviews page.



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